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kartel-sld-1Warders stationed at Tower Street, formerly known as the General Penitentiary were happy when Dancehall super Vybz Kartel was recently transferred to the Adult Correctional Facility.

A Warder who spoke to the Jamaica Star about the self-proclaimed Worl Boss’ arrival said his presence was immediately felt by the waders and inmates. “The presence of him (Kartel) being here was felt from the first day,” the warder, listed as Simon Willard told the publication. “The entire prison, warders and inmates a talk up bout him. We nuh know the real reason he was placed there, but a whole heap a speculation,” he added.


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attends the Givenchy show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2016/2017 on March 6, 2016 in Paris, France.

Dancehall artiste Masicka has gained a new set of fans after international hip-hop artiste Chris Brown posted a comic strip on his official Instagram page using the artiste’s song, ‘Buss The Cylinder’.

“We get whole heap more followers you know because a 33 million followers him (Brown) have, so from him post that, then automatically you get the followers,” he said. “Anybody woulda feel good, you know wah me mean because at the end of the day a Chris Brown dat, and it’s not just good for me, but for the dancehall also.”

The post which has been making the rounds on Instagram since Tuesday, has already been viewed more than a million times on Brown’s page and has sent many persons searching for the voice on the track.


Grateful for the attention, Masicka told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is not surprised that his music has reached

the level it has, but he is a bit stunned that a celebrity of Brown’s stature would be paying attention to his music.

“Well yuh done know the music go different places as far as Africa and Europe, so we had an idea (of the reach), but to see somebody of Chris Brown’s calibre, the superstar that he is, and the impact that he has on the American market and the American industry, is a good look,” he said.


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Dancehall Artist Darrio Beaten Unconscious at River in St Ann

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Dancehall artist Darrio is currently at the hospital recuperating following a beating that left him allegedly unconscious Today.


Live2partyja.com understands that the entertainer was at a river in Ocho Rios, St Ann at around 2:00pm, having a drink when he was approached by a man.

No one as yet knows what triggered the motive.

The police are currently seeking the whereabouts of the attacker.

Meanwhile, attempts were made to contact Darrio, he was unable to speak as he was resting.


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Since last week the Gully God has been sharing warnings on Instagram without addressing directly anybody, but after that new Popcaan’s line on instant hit song “World Cup” (“We don’t know bout league a we name World Cup”), fans have freaked out and many people out there really think the long peace (they have never engaged any feud) between Mavado and Popcaan might be over.

Popcaan is also currently receiving backlash for his last drunk Instagram rant in which he may have addressed Vybz Kartel and the fact that many fans think the Worl’boss made Popcaan’s career.

Here is the full caption on Mavado’s IG:

Sizzla headlines US festival

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AFTER years of being unable to perform in the United States, firebrand Rastafarian singjay Sizzla Kalonji is one of the headliners on the 32-year-old Reggae on the River (ROTR), set for California on August 4-7.

Sizzla (whose given name is Miguel Collins) has been facing the wrath of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community for what they deem as inflammatory lyrics against them.

Efforts to contact Sizzla were unsuccessful.

The line-up for this year’s event also includes the Fire House Band, Kranium, Agent Sasco, Anthony B, Protoje and the Indiggnation Band, Yellow Man, Jesse Royal, Sister Carol, Jah9 and the Dub Treatement, No Maddz, Keznamdi, Addis Pablo, and Dubtonic Kru.

Justin Crellin, the festival’s general manager, said the inclusion of a number of the younger reggae acts reflects the age group of festival goers.

“With more than 30 years behind us, we’ve seen multiple generations of festival goers make the ROTR pilgrimage. Some attendees from the early years are still with us to this day, and we are also now seeing a new crop of first-timers each year that are coming for a taste of the ROTR experience — and hopefully becoming return guests year after year. I would say that some of this is due to the younger acts we are hosting, but is also representative of a larger trend of younger folks being a primary festival audience,” he said.

The organisers said with more than three decades under their belt, it gets easier to organise the festival.

“It has been a roller coaster over the years with venue changes. But now that we are in our fourth year back at our original French’s Camp venue, and our crews have settled back into things, I would say it is generally getting easier to organise. Of course, there are other aspects of the business that are more challenging these days like work visas, more festival competition, shifting trends in reggae music,” Crellin told


One of the major summer festivals in the United States, Reggae on the River has constantly had to update its offering and this year’s staging will be no different. The natural environment is also taken into consideration.

“On the festival site, we constructed a 780,000-gallon rainwater catchment pond that will allow us to better irrigate and manage the venue — with enough excess left in the pond after the event for us to put back into the ground and offset our total water usage. This will make ROTR a water-neutral event (the first of its kind as far as we know). So this is big news, especially considering the California drought and an improvement that will greatly enhance the patron experience. We are also increasing art and other installations to add to the ambiance throughout the festival grounds, offering new premier public camping options, and expanding activities in the campground like yoga,” Crellin added.

JLP wins the election Jamaica’s first family swears in

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12802753_10156585926515722_2331636394022837582_nIt was a close victory; however, the Jamaica Labor Party edged out the People’s National Party out of power. With the promise of lowered tax for many and prosperity for Jamaica the voters turned out in low numbers but in support of new leadership. The PNP did not make much of an effort to lure voters there way by refusing to debate the then opposition, many saw them as pompous and arrogant hence they had to go. Jamaica is at a very stagnant level by depending on the International Monetary Fund the country will not be able to see its full potential.

The goals of the IMF is not the same goals as the Jamaican population so getting out of bed with the IMF is our only way to prosperity. The JLP has a huge task ahead of them and we pray they find the wisdom and strength needed to overcome. Dancehall and reggae played a vital part in The Rt Honerable Andrew Holness campaign as he jammed to Alkaline’s “Champion Bwoy” when he won and sang Nesbeth “My Dream” at his inauguration.

The dancehall fraternity took it’s side with Beenie Man and Foota Hype endorsing the now opposition party, PNP and Khage applauding his party JLP for winning. Social media played a huge role this election as can be seen by the jubilation present within the Facebook group, JLP Supporters. The comrades of the PNP almost caused a national war as numerous false rumors of the PNP retaining power during the EOJ recount surfaced on social media. Tensions were high during this period but this was a historic election as The RT honorable Juliet Holness also became a winner of her seat; hence, joining her husband in governing the country. Both wore blue at the swearing in as ode to being graduates of St. Catherine High School.  The supporters of the Jamaica Labor Party expects greatness from their leader and we wish Mr. Holness the best. One Love from the #L2PJa  family.12027378_10156561439925722_4470728958653432059_o


Swine Flu claims life of woman pregnant with twins – report

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A 29-year-old woman reportedly died of the H1N1 virus, popularly called Swine Flu, at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI).

The woman is reported to have been pregnant with twins. It’s the fourth swine-flu related death in Jamaica since cases of the virus were first reported locally in early February, 2016.

A medical doctor, 50-year-old Suzanna Roye, who had also been hospitalised at the UHWI, was the first patient to die from H1N1-related issues in Jamaica. A 49-year-old woman, who had other illnesses, died a week later, followed by an 84-year-old woman days later.

The virus has been classified as a category one illness, which requires medical practitioners to notify the relevant public health authority within 24 hours of suspecting a case of severe acute respiratory illness.