Why You Should Join Us

The creators of www.live2partyja.com envisions a social networking site for Jamaica; about Jamaicans enjoying an active social lifestyle filled with exotic tantalising fun. The website welcomes visitors from all over the globe interested in the rich entertainment culture found exclusively in Jamaica. Indigenous Jamaican music, Reggae and Dancehall, plays a huge role in the content that the website features. It is our hope to partner with the pioneers of the Jamaican entertainment industry; namely, entertainers, producers, promoters, sponsors, dancers, models, designers and place our spotlight on the hottest nightclubs, hotels and events. Everyone is invited to join our social platform to discuss the music industry as part of the whole; rather than individuals, thus uniformly representing brand JAMAICA. This will allow global Internet consumers the opportunity to find all things associated with the intoxicating lifestyle of Jamaican entertainment with just the click of a button.

01. Our Mission

To shine light on the creators of Reggae and Dancehall Music. To show the positive effect of partying within the Jamaican Culture. To inform and bring Jamaican music lovers from all over the globe to one trendy venue. To highlight new talent

02. Our Vision

We see signs of live2partyja’s success; heralding, insurmountable financial benefits to those wanting to partner, economic benefits to our government and social acceptance of our culture; worldwide, through our music.


03. Our Solution

The fact is our music industry has churned out many new artiste over the last decade; so it is difficult for an individual outside of the island to readily identify our artiste by face or name. Thus live2partyja, was created to correct this global issue.