Wet Wet- Windsor Road Edition

By September 21, 2010Archives

Klik JA awoke at 4:30am to the sounds of dancehall blasting from my bedroom window. A short trek outside and the hypeness coming from the selector had me reaching for the phone to find Willie Maze. Two missed calls from him earlier, guarantees that he was living to party. But when, No Answer – Must be my luck, damn he is sleeping. I light up! (No Cigarettes).

Five minutes later, he rings me back stating he is in fact at the dance, I say I am dressed and twenty minutes later, Maze, Lady Dania and Klik Ja arrives at WET WET the Windsor Road edition.

The party was jumping as we made our way unto the deserted streets that led to the excitement. It was 5:27am last I saw the clock so I knew we didn’t have much time; but, the music selection gave surety that there was much more to come.

We were not to be disappointed; the videos under Entertainment and pictures under Social/Register will tell you why.

Can you spot KLIK JA?

Wet Wet is a weekly neighborhood party, it is held as a round robin thus allowing various promoters to reap the profits. The promoters for this particular week had Mad Ras from the big sound Rebel T juggling! Nuff Said!

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