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l2pjalogo“There is nothing like good old college fun” uttered Williemaze, from the L2PJA team, after partying at UWI Final Fete. The vibes was awesome, the ladies were scattered all over the venue in droves; looking hot and spicy while the fellows turned their swagger up.  We got word of this event from countless ZIP 103fm radio ads.  This was a much anticipated occasion for the L2PJA team as it is a well known fact that UWI Final Fetes are spectacular.

We arrived at the event at about 11:15pm so myself, Anthony Watson, Gummy Bear accompanied by three lovely ladies made our way in. Admission was $700 per person at the gate but we managed to pay $500 for the ladies.  When we entered the venue, the event was just heating up but the place was already filled with party fanatics. On the turntable was Harrif Cooper juggling early 2005 reggae music. He then shift gears by playing alternative music before moving to hip hop.

By roughly 12:30am, the party was in high gears as patrons raised their red stripe cups to the air for DJ Khalid’s-Win, Wiz Khalif “Black and Yellow” and Bruno Mars “Lazy”. He then wrapped up his set before turning things over to Zip Jock Johnny Cool who changed the vibes to Soca, before informing us that Zip Jock Liquid along with Tony Mattheron was yet to perform.  It was also mentioned that a few celebrities were in attendance namely Tarrus Riley, Beenie man, Sizzla and a few others.

At 1:30am, ZJ Liquid and Tony Mattheron took over and kept the crowd entertained with their bashful comments as was the case when Rihanna “Only girl” flooded the speakers and Matterhorn could be heard saying “a wah happen to this big forehead girl from foreign, a talk bout fi mek she be only girl in the world, I think not. What happen when end a month when she a see fi har ting weh me fi do sit down cah she a only girl in di world, I think not” he then added “mi have a bag a tings fi talk in ya tonight”.

They then made the ladies go crazy by playing New Age Dancehall hits such as Vybes Kartel “Benz Punany”, Movado “Stullesha”, Aidonia “Jack Hammer” and many more.   “Every gal to a man” proclaimed Tony Mattheron; as couples paired up; but, to our disdain the cops invaded the party at roughly 2:30am; demanding that the selectors turn it down or turn it off.

Fortunately, the party continued as patrons danced the night away. The L2PJA team exited the building at a few minutes pass 3am. As always we captured this experience on film for your viewing pleasure so enjoy the images in our Photo Album under the Social/Register tab and the Video under the Entertainment tab.

“One love” from your boy Williemaze.

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