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Stages the extremely hyped event for ATI was fun, not dynamite but still exciting. This was the 10th staging of Stages, an all day event.

I arrived at just about 6pm, admission was $4500 General and $5500 VIP – food and drink inclusive. As I entered the front gate it was just empty space for miles; however, patrons were scattered towards the side and back area which so happened to be the bar and food area.


First stop of course the bar, with my Appleton rum and Red Bull in hand, I started to scope out di area.


The Location

The event took place in Negril’s Park. A large lush field sprinkled with few trees and sales booth with a great view of the ocean behind. The area was massive and could easily hold thousands of patrons. If you purchased VIP then there was a small closed off air conditioned room created for you with a separate dj. The entire right side was also the extended, gated off, VIP area which had its own bar. Then there was center stage for the disc jocks juggling, which was also accessible with the VIP red band.

The Atmosphere

As this was the final night for ATI it was obvious that many of the patrons were running out of fuel, so for the earlier part of Stages everyone was just chilling and swaying to the music. As the sunset and darkness took over the hardcore dancing began. Lots of couples, many more singles and crews were in attendance. Two piece swimsuits was the attire for many females and men kept it casual in jeans and tees for the most part. Another extremely sexy patronage as buff bods, sexy shapes and tanned skinned filled the field of Stages.

The Entertainment

The sounds of the Renegade Disc Jocks could be heard for miles; they kept a tight set and then handed the baton over to the Miami Heat, official sound system for the US basketball team of the same name. They brought an international flavor which went over relatively well with the crowd. I was not so thrilled with the music at this time, so I made my way to the air conditioned VIP dance floor. Inside was dark and cool, also a bit scanty but the music was blazing.

The video footage below should give you an idea of what mi a seh. When I returned outside Dj Elite was tearing it up and the crowd on the stage was acting wild.


A young lady in a red bathing suit onstage, kept us entertained as she behaved wicked pon a man and di railing. Then it was time for a bikini fashion show which was really sexy but not entirely fitting the vibes, other than the beach was close by. When it ended the dancing started up again. I can only remember that Matterhorn dutty up his set and you couldn’t ask fi nuttin more when di party dun around midnight.

This was the extent of my ATI and Dream involvement next year I will cover the whole weekend.


Great Fun!

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