Olympic Drive and Limelight for Tuesday Nights

By December 30, 2010Archives

The L2PJA crew was out on the scene on Tuesday December 7th, 2010 for Klik JA’s first event since her return.  I was still shaking the boredom from being in the USA for 2 months so it was hard getting into carefree mode.  So we got into Kingston at roughly 1:30AM to an empty Limelight Club.  After circling, The Building, in search for some hype there and found none, we went back to Limelight again.  We had just consumed 4 orders of Jerk Chicken when Jerky told us that the party starts @ Swagga Tuesdays in Waterhouse, off Olympic Drive and end at Boasty Tuesdays inside Limelight Club.


Shortly, after we were heading to Olympic drive.  When we got there the energy was at its peak you could tell the party would wrap up soon as the selector was throwing out recent hits after hits.  ZJ liquid was in the building then Foota Hype took over the mic and brought the party to its climax.  The location was reminiscent of a plaza’s open parking lot tall fences enclosed patrons while the DJ booth stood next to the bar.  Various video cameras lit the dance floor and ladies took it over.

We limed here for less than an hour before we were dismissed and directed to resume partying at Boasty Tuesday s.  Less than 15 minutes and we were back to the venue we started however the parking lot was now teeming with cars and patrons this was a far cry from the emptiness an hour and a half ago.  The music was building when we got in so the energy was elevating but did not transfer over from the last party.  I personally got the feeling that the early weekday had to do with the slow flowing simmering energy for the remainder of the night.  There were countless burst of energy from the acrobatic ladies including but not limited to Mad Michelle, Cartoon and Xpressions Dancers.

It was a night of shining stars as the crème of the Dancehall Music fraternity was out chilling.  Those that we saw were Beenie Man in all white looking ethereal, Baby Cham rocking a Mohawk and handing out promo CD’s, Bounti Killa with a table of Henny and Cranberry beside him, Elephant Man colorful as usual, Macka Diamond aging like the finest of French wines, Fambo the Drunken Master Nuff said and Chi Ching Ching dancing to the camera’s.

They were various Dj’s and known dancers that I can’t really name off the top of my head.  The Lord Evil, Aidonia, was reportedly spotted as we exited the Club close to 5AM.

This is obviously the place to be on a chilly winter Tuesday night!

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