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By March 24, 2011Archives

Klik Ja travelled to the Bronx for the much anticipated party held at Club 241st by Bama and Bumblass from the Fearless Dancer which was highly promoted by Latanya; this event is one of many weekly production dubbed “Beat Dem Tuesdays”.  Talant and Klik arrived to a partially filled Club 241st at 3AM and “yes, we were fashionably late.”  Shortly after our arrival, the DJ that was spinning announced he was wrapping it up in half hour; this caused Klik to panic as I had just ordered a bottle of Coconut Ciroc with a bottle of Pineapple Juice and knew there was no way we could gulp this down in 30 minutes.  I must have voiced my concern out loud as the gentleman next to me said “No man di party nah done, is a next sound ago tek ova after da one ya”. Relieved, we quickly poured our coco loso mix, that the bartender handed us, in our plastic cups.  Just then the DJ played, Aidonia’s “Bad People” so Talant and Klik raised the gun signal and yelled “baps baps baps’ to show our love for JOP.

We found a location that gave us a clear view of the L-shaped club, it was a decent size space, not too small but not so large that a promoter would struggle to fill it.  The long side of the L had the bar spanning its length with the crowd in this section a bit thin; but the short side of the L curve housed the majority of the patrons and this part of the club was impenetrable.  After a few swigs, I took a trek to the crowded section to feel out their vibes.  The Disc Jock was surely doing his thing as ladies could be seen whining their waist and men showing swag.  I went back to retrieve my drink and observed the entire club.  It was obvious who the promoters were, as the video light stayed in that section while men and woman danced the night away with no care in the world.  When songs like Di Genius; “Cyaa Friend Again” and his duet with Kartel “Careful” played, the energy in the building soared.  A slew of I-Octane hits spanning “Badder than Dem” and “Nuh Ramp Wid Wi” filled the air as the crowd signaled their love Jamaican style.  Of course, this would not be a Jamaican party without any Vybz Kartel tune and the men all agreed when the DJ said “him no want nuh Benz punany cause Benz can whole 5 man inna it” before he played “Benz Punany”.

Their was a short performance segment from an up and coming artiste and then at roughly 4:15AM the lights went “ON” signaling the end of the party.  This did not move the crowd, as we started to take pictures and downed our remaining drinks; much to the frustration of the bartender, who started to flash the light and cuss bout how she have har pickney fi sen a school a mawnin.  Even though we were only there for a short time, it was lots of fun.


Hey Jamaica! The Boogy down Bronx knows how to Live To Party Yaad Style!


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