I-Octane’s “Different Page” Free Concert

By December 30, 2010Archives

So L2PJA got word of this yearly, free, star studded event from a friend of the promoter, I-Octane, who confirmed that Daytona, Portmore was indeed the venue.  It was an early event, a new trend in partying, which starts and ends early thus make your money and bypass the peace officers 2AM lock off.

We made our way to the venue, 2 words, “windy sandpit”, applauds for me and my low boots, perfect for the situation.  As we entered music was playing loudly; the crowd was a mixture of the very young and the youthfully old.  Since it was early and many artistes were there to support this pre-Sting event, every few minute an entertainer was introduced to stage.  The first few were up and comers who all performed 1 to 2 songs then exited.


I couldn’t recognize anyone until they called Ghost who performed a few of his remakes and Wasp who did his hit songs. Then Konshens was the third artiste, known to me, to hit the stage and I only knew him through name, as he stood next to me for quite some time and I was clueless.  This artiste has been receiving heavy radio play all year and he delivered each hit song with great vocals.  He looked effortless on stage and shun brightly in the cool winter night.  He called on a guest and then wrapped things up.  Then Brian Hart took the stage next and did his hit song.  He had a much laid back performance which matched his personality backstage.  Then it was Tnez next, you could hear the stagehand advising 2 songs only which Tnez agreed to with a nod but did quite the opposite.  This was another artiste I couldn’t recognize by face or name but his songs were all familiar to my ears.  He did a set which could have encompassed a short intro from each song on a hit album before the stage guy realized and had him wrap it up.

Then the vibes switched as Fanton Mojah took us to a more conscience level.  He came on and buss the swagga dance and then blessed us up with his life music.  Then the energy soared as Richie Spice joined Mojah on stage.  He belted out his well received Marijuana ode’s and lifted our consciousness too.

Then the latest Jamaican Massive Success for the year, Khago, took over the stage to loud cheers and applauds.  Always dressed in bright colors, he did his hits “Nah Sellout pt. 1 & 2”.  His performance was short yet concise and well delivered.

Next up was Bounti Killa himself; dressed in his usual black war suit he took the stage to much fanfare.  He performed much like a veteran would with cool confidence belting off hits that spanned the last decade.  He had a reasonable long performance considering the time constraint.  His performance was also at a respectable time considering he is a showstopper.

G-whizz was next, a young artiste with great positive uplifting songs that speaks to our morality.  He did a few hot ones and left us wanting more.   Then bad gal, Cecile, decked in an all black tight outfit took over.  She gave us a fun packed short performance and informed us of her great love for “Coffee”.   She called on Shaggy who was waiting backstage next to Aidonia who had been waiting with JOP for a while in Great Spirit.  Lord Evil nodded his agreement for Shaggy to rip before him; hence, Shaggy took the stage.

Shaggy’s performance seemed unplanned as if he was just blessing up the place.  He did a few short verses from a few of his multi-platinum hits then left the stage in a blink.

Then it was JOP to the stage, Aidonia, Deablo, Navino, and Ninja Kid.  They entered to pandemonium as the place went wild in expectance of a knockout performance.  Aidonia did not disappoint he started things off real gangsta delivering his thug hits, one after the next, then as he whined things down he requested two for the ladies and delivered “Cyan Done” while Navino & Deablo jumped in with “Inna Gal House” before  the “Jack Hammer” was delivered.  The stage was all fun, laughing and smiles as the crowd was in ecstasy.  He exalted I-Octane and closed with the line “Bad Man no Batty Boy so no bwoy…”

Then it was time for the Digicel Ambassador and Show Promoter, I-Octane, to grace us with his presence.  He had been backstage for awhile, with the cameras, doing various interviews for the media houses.  He got into his set, but before long the stage was jammed pack with artistes whom had yet to perform.  Since they knew the show would end with I-Octane’s performance, everyone wanted a chance to showcase their talent to the crowd.  Things started to get rowdy as I watched from backstage and finally as Chuck Fenda tried to get on and was blocked, he flashed off the stagehand so viciously I figured it best to leave the backstage area and make my exit from the venue.

I heard the ruffling onstage as Chuck Fenda performed to nuff forward, then Taurus Riley blessed us, Kiprich jumped into the melee and almost got pulled off stage by the ladies.  Calls were made for I-Wayne to close the show but the peace officers said that was it.  They were a few others that performed who I can’t readily name.

This was the reason for the creation of this website to connect faces and names to the beautiful music which leaves our blessed island, Jamaica.



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