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This particular Friday evening, I was listening to ZJ Bambino juggling on ZIP 103.9fm when interestingly enough; he switched over to ZJ Sparks who was LIVE at a Digicel concert downtown. The line up piqued my interest so I paid keen attention as Sparks named I-Octane, Queen Ifrica, PopCaan , Shawn Storm and a few other artistes to take the stage. I contemplated whether or not to go but as I thought of the footage to be had, I hit the shower immediately, got dressed, jumped on a cab to Spain, hopped on a bus for Kingston then walked to the venue. When I reached my destination the venue was overcrowded. I made my way through in search of a suitable location for some footage. Presently Ity & Fancy cat (the host for the show) was entertaining the crowd.

They announced who was next to hit the stage by saying “weh di Gaza people dem deh” right then, PopCaan voice could be heard as he stepped on to the stage.  The crowd went wild as he started his set with, “big up Jah Vinci mi breddah, Addi Mi Fada” who were both noticeably absent from the lineup.  He shelled it down with his hit “Fi di new year”. His appearance represented the Portmore Empire as he rocked a purple fitted Yankee hat, cut off foot jeans, and a white leather desert, Clarks.

He promptly called up, Shawn Storm, who had fans railing as he hit the stage performing his latest single, the NotNice production “It’s a vibes party”. Shawn Storm rocked, but of course, Straight Jeans and Fitted.  These two acts from the Gaza Fraternity have been basking in their successful solo projects over the summer which has had the local radio station support. They both rocked the crowd, with their well-known hits while NotNice spun the turn table with the instrumentals.

After PopCaan and Shawn Storm gave us an acceptable performance, Next Up was Ding Dong and the Ravaz Clavaz family. They took over the stage and delivered the latest dance moves while performing the hits “Gallist” “Party cup” and “Badman forward” we watched and eagerly participated in the dance class.

Then the sponsors, Digicel gave out some treats, we stayed entertainment by Ity & Fancy Cat, for it was Queen Ifrica who was next to hit the stage. With the band playing her instrumentals, we felt her positive vibration as she came on to the stage, the Queen was looking very sexy as she performed “Yu know mi nah go box yuh down babe”, but that’s not what her motive was about.   She educated the crowd, mainly made of High school children, with some positive influence.  She called on us informing Jamaicans to open their eyes, notice what is going on in our surrounding. She performed the hits, “Cant draw mi round nuh corner” “A nuh everybody a rub” “We need some more of our heroes”. She beckoned on us to think wisely before we make decisions and not fight any war over [a man cause he’s dubbed] a politicians.  Hers was a tremendous performance!

After The Queen’s performance, it was I-Octane to close the show, in other words di man shut down the whole place.  He was called on stage by the hosts but even before he came on, there were torch flames blazing high as the crowd displayed their loyalty. Everyone was a fan as everyone jumped with hands in the air as they welcomed him to the stage performing “All type a things them weh do”.  He brought a different level, the highest octane of energy, to the crowd.  This artiste have been riding high on continued radio play all year and as recourse produced songs such as-“My life” “ Think a little time” “Study your friends” “Mine who them a diss” and a few more which he effortlessly performed. His performance was surely spectacular and he delivered thrilling harmony before he left the stage.

We want to say “Nuff Respect” to Digicel for this free unification concert and their efforts in reconstructing the Coronation Market, Down Town, Kingston. A warm shout out to all the Artistes who entertained and all the spectators who enjoyed the spectacle.  The LIVE2PARTYJA team was able to capture various footages so enjoy these and more as you browse through the website.

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