DayDreams Hawaiian Escape

By January 26, 2011Archives

We arrived at the Tiki Ranch on the Caymanas Estate at 7:30pm, it was a bit muddy because of rainfall but still very well put together.  As the location had the word “Ranch” Klik Ja decided to rock knee-high cowboy boots rather than sandals or heels.  This was a very smart move as the mud pits at the entrance; created by the scattered showers the night before, easily covered sandals and could twist ankles.

Early start times; especially, for events on Sundays is all the new rave.  You get to party for longer hours and usually there is no disruption from the peace officers.  As we entered it was clear to see that the event was empty; but this did not rattle us as we knew that the latecomers would start rushing in closer to the lock off time scheduled for 12am. The $4000 ticket price ensured that food and liquor was all inclusive however pre-sold tickets could be had for $1500 less for women and $1000 less for men.

First stop of course was the bar, my drink wasn’t really packing any punch so after a quick trek to the food court area, I was again looking for a liquor fix.  This time rum bar and a can of red bull had my head spinning.  The music was so-so at this point in time, as most of the patrons were still getting there fill in the food court and they had a large variety of food to choose from.

Fast forward a few hours, by 9:30pm the huge outdoor venue started to fill in but there was no shortage of space to play.  Aside from being on the grass, fun could be sought on the various elevated booths such as the limited access Hawaiian booth in the center or the all-access Matterhorn booth on the left which offered padded seating. The music had also picked up as various Zip Zjs stormed the microphone.  The R&B/Hip Hop segment went over well but Dancehall had us gyrating our waist and whining down low; I mean real low.

The Creme-De-La-Creme of Entertainers in Sports, Fashion and Music were in attendance and it was obvious that the caliber of patrons were high-middle to high class society.  Most females dressed to theme in free flowing Hawaiian print dresses, mid-drift tops with short shorts and a few decked beach wear even though there was no ocean or even a pond in sight.

The event lasted well over it’s scheduled lock off time as glazed over patrons could be seen exiting the venue by 1am; happy and a few pounds lighter.




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