Blaze Night Club & Sports Bar Complex

By October 21, 2010Archives

Located in Greater Portmore on the second floor of the Oak Plaza, is another happening location where you can party all weekend, The Blaze Night Club Sports Bar Complex. alongside a few other Media houses such as RE TV and Chat magazine were there to capture some of the moments while members form the Mega Mart staff celebrated an anniversary.

The event which was all inclusive mix beverages with a $1000 Ticket price was reasonable given the “GOOD STUFF” were on sale. Special personnel’s entered the VIP section no admission you just had to be special. The bar ladies were sexy and seductive; wearing cheerleader shorts and high sox, skimpy tops and belly rings. They served patrons exotic mix that enticed movements which eventually led to dance.

By 1:00 am, the party started blazing as the disjock started playing the ladies favorite, gal tunes, by which time more patrons had made their way inside.  At 2:00am, everyone was leaning towards tipsy while girls got wild on the dance floor. Has the dj rocked the building with a few daggering songs, ladies tried to prove who had more skills and who had better moves but when he played Busy Signal ”guh pon yu head gal”.  I questioned what these ladies were drinking? As dem walk pon dem hand and go pon dem head.  I was rather amazed but other prompting songs confirmed they were all gracefully blessed with talent. At about 3:30am the party, (II) paused for a few minutes as the Promoters served up their anniversary cake to coworkers and patrons alike, soon after the raving started again.

If the atmosphere gets too intense for you, there is Pool Table lounge in the adjacent Sports Bar where you can chill out and shoot some pool and be away from the loud music. The Sports Bar is always available but up in the club is always blazing. This party didn’t end until 5:00am and was fortunate enough to capture these memories so enjoy these pics and be sure to rate the vidz on youtube.



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