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Heineken Beer Vibes held during the infamous dream weekend was all about boobs and booze; not in that particular order but plenty of both. When Klik Ja arrived, late as usual, Bambino was taking care of the music. Tickets were $2500JM and drinks were inclusive. I ordered an Appleton Rum with Red Bull first off, not realizing that Dream would not be endorsing the rival, Appleton. So the bartender offered me Gold and Red Bull instead, I assumed it was Bacardi. With drinks in hand it was time to seek the vibes.



The Location

The party was kept at one of the many lots off the 7 miles beach coast. It was tucked off with only a tiny sign at the gate out front confirming that this was indeed the correct venue. As I made my way in, I thought of the location for Weddy Weddy cause after the first steps inside one would not realize the true size of the party. First thing was to identify all the bar locations. With that taken care of, I noticed there were a few small stages through out the venue and a large center stage which housed the VIP. It was a full house and as I continued walking, the venue seemed to expand from all corners as more space and patrons were revealed at the side and back areas.

The Atmosphere

So my first chill spot in the back was vibing, couples hugged tight and swayed together. While single men perched from spot to spot hunting and coming up s hort. Not to make it sound as if women were scarce, on the contrary, there were females everywhere many of whom were barely clothed. It was all very sexy and sex was selling. {gallery}beervibes/set1{/gallery}



The Entertainment

Bambino from ZipFM had a tight set with whole heap a chune and ting. Then he cleared the way for Cooper Shot and Disc Jock Sanchez made the place rock. He had the crowd going as he created a great conversational rapture with us. Then he focused our attention to the huge screens to view the very exotic Heineken dancers. Since I was making my way to the bar, I stopped right there and got a few minutes of video footage. There were four dancers occupying three poles. The dancer in the middle was the highlight and she held it down. Her waist moved sensual; she maintained a sultry rather that skanky demeanor as men and women gathered to watch her. Even the other dancers watched and pick up some of her energy.

Then the DJ diverted our focus to the caged dancers, this was a boxed cage housing 5-6 skimpily clad girls. They were all trying to outdo each other so it was nice to watch. Beer Vibes is all about the Disc Jocks making the crowd feel sexy and promiscuous. So it was no surprise when the DJ uttered “make some noise if you had sex earlier… had sex every night you been here, if not too bad…but you may still be able to get rollover sex.” Artistes were in the venue enjoying the music, no performance though.

Liquid also from ZipFM closed the show, he had a good spin too; however, many songs got repeated throughout the night which was fine because the vibes was different each time a song played again. At 4:01AM as B.E.P once again told us “I got a feeling…” the sound cut out and we were informed; “dat di party done and not even a next tune can run.”


Good Sexy Fun Night!

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