ATI 2009 @ Waves

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Appleton Treasure Island (ATI) was held in Negril during Jamaica’s Independence Weekend.Partygoers were in for the time of their lives as there was non-stop partying along the famous 7 miles strip in Negril.

The festivity was intense as Red Stripe Dream Weekend shared the locality and dates as ATI; there was a variety of events to choose from. The L2PJa crew was not in Negril for the entire weekend but decided, on a spur of the moment whim, to drive down 3 hours from Spain and check it out on Saturday night. Two accidents later and we finally arrived. Yes, the car spun over a sleeping police in Sav and then our new driver rammed into a van on the 7 miles strip.  Needless, to say we got out the car and started walking, frustrated, but determined to have a great time after all that drama.



As we walked up to the popular Club Jungles, we could hear the newly crowned King of Dancehall, Beenie Man, already tearing up the stage. As it was only pass midnight, we had to assume that party was about to end.  We literally walked across the street to Appleton Temptations Live event at Waves which was ready to start. After securing a spot backstage, big up to Lady Dani as usual for always getting us the royal treatment, we were hungry for some fun. The music was pumping and the energy was high. The artistes were gathering, so we knew the performance piece was about to be mad. You could tell this was a Gully/Alliance party line-up. There were a few exceptions, but absolutely no Gaza representatives were in sight.

Around 1AM, our host for the night Miss Kitty graced the stage. She was looking fierce in a fabulous white tulip dress and a bashment blond hair do.  She was also the true star of the show, holding it down for all the curvy ladies, as she belted out “Dem seh mi nuh hav nuh behavia a ATI.” She really got the crowd hype as they answered to her every word; by the time she called on Kiprich to the stage, the party was in full swing. He effortlessly gave us a fun-filled performance and the crowd went wild when he did his version of “Heal the World” in honor of the late pop star Michael Jackson. From that point on, the audience was eating from his hands. We also got some exciting moments from the trio Voicemail, Leftside, as well as, newcomers Wasp and G-Whizz. However, it was D’angel after sauntering to the stage and catching herself from what would have been a headline tumble, who delivered a diva-like performance filled with pure attitude.

Newly wed, Wayne Marshall, was very eloquent in his delivery and gave us a mixture of old and new tunes. Then Jah Cure joined him and the crowd went crazy. He did the intro to one a him new tune and in less than a minute he was gone; yet he made his presence felt. Then to all of our surprise, Killa took the stage really early on, with a few newer artistes still left to perform.  At this point, the crowd and even the artistes backstage gathered closer together to witness a living dancehall icon do his thing. He made it clear that he was still cross, angry and miserable but we also got a few smiles at times. Next up was Demarco, he tried to keep the crowds’ vibe going but after 15 minutes of Bounty Killa that was a tall order. Then it was up to the JOP boss, Aidonia, to carry the energy to its peak.  He took the stage and the crowd went wild then things got a little crazy.   From our view backstage, we watched in disbelief as a man calling for Mavado to take the stage; interrupted Aidonia’s performance by attacking the dj spinning the tracks for his records.  Less than a minute into his show and Aidonia had to step back with Deablo right at his side and defend his space. Once he was satisfied that it was handled, he jumped right back into his performance and launched a lyrical attack. The atmosphere did get a bit tense backstage. (See Video footage below)

However, like a true ladies man he requested “summing fi di girls’ dem” and then performed Wine&Bubble and of course the ladies went crazy. After doing “one more fi di girls dem”, 100 stab, he exited the stage. Miss Kitty requested him back on and he graciously came back for about 5 seconds then exited the venue shortly after; clearly upset by the events that took place. Mavado was up next joined by Einstein, no not the scientist; he gave us 5 songs which included Hope& Pray, Money Nuff and House Cleaning. Then he left Einstein to do his thing. We are not sure why he gave such a short performance; but, it was said he was not billed for the show or it could be his vibes was gone after the incident described earlier. Consequently, it was Elephant Man who regained the crowds’ attention and brought us back to fun times. He was joined by Lexxus and together they showed us a few dance moves. However, it was Matterhorn who eventually closed the show after declaring he dismantled Fully Loaded. Ok, the police actually lock it off still.

Another Excellent Event!

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