Aidonia @ Club Moka NYC

By February 1, 2010Archives

It was a cold night in New York City but as Ai-Di-Di-Di-Di-Donia was going to perform the live2party crew was in the building.  Big up to the promoters the ting did sell off, music and vibes nice.  But lets rewind Klik and Lady D arrived at Queen of the Sea only to be told dat di party move, like come on, what?  Anyway one of the security finally remembered that Club Moka was where the vibes was at.

Ten minutes later we arrived at a luxurious location, the layout was stylish but as it was early di place did scanty.  This was midnight and showtime was to be at 1am, so you know we had to scope di place out.  But 3am came around and no Aidonia.

By 3:30am Lady D was ready to go but something in the way the DJ said “Big up JOP in di place” this time (they were saying that since 1am) made Klik Ja head back inside and there he was heading to the Stage.  He killed it, shell it down, hits after hits.  The man ting did jus sell off, the crowd went wild and took in every word.  I for one had a blast, he even did my song so I was ecstatic, “Heart is Hers” is a sure hit for 2010.

We give this party an EXCELLENT Rating!!!


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