Olympic Drive and Limelight for Tuesday Nights

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The L2PJA crew was out on the scene on Tuesday December 7th, 2010 for Klik JA’s first event since her return.  I was still shaking the boredom from being in the USA for 2 months so it was hard getting into carefree mode.  So we got into Kingston at roughly 1:30AM to an empty Limelight Club.  After circling, The Building, in search for some hype there and found none, we went back to Limelight again.  We had just consumed 4 orders of Jerk Chicken when Jerky told us that the party starts @ Swagga Tuesdays in Waterhouse, off Olympic Drive and end at Boasty Tuesdays inside Limelight Club.


Shortly, after we were heading to Olympic drive.  When we got there the energy was at its peak you could tell the party would wrap up soon as the selector was throwing out recent hits after hits.  ZJ liquid was in the building then Foota Hype took over the mic and brought the party to its climax.  The location was reminiscent of a plaza’s open parking lot tall fences enclosed patrons while the DJ booth stood next to the bar.  Various video cameras lit the dance floor and ladies took it over.

We limed here for less than an hour before we were dismissed and directed to resume partying at Boasty Tuesday s.  Less than 15 minutes and we were back to the venue we started however the parking lot was now teeming with cars and patrons this was a far cry from the emptiness an hour and a half ago.  The music was building when we got in so the energy was elevating but did not transfer over from the last party.  I personally got the feeling that the early weekday had to do with the slow flowing simmering energy for the remainder of the night.  There were countless burst of energy from the acrobatic ladies including but not limited to Mad Michelle, Cartoon and Xpressions Dancers.

It was a night of shining stars as the crème of the Dancehall Music fraternity was out chilling.  Those that we saw were Beenie Man in all white looking ethereal, Baby Cham rocking a Mohawk and handing out promo CD’s, Bounti Killa with a table of Henny and Cranberry beside him, Elephant Man colorful as usual, Macka Diamond aging like the finest of French wines, Fambo the Drunken Master Nuff said and Chi Ching Ching dancing to the camera’s.

They were various Dj’s and known dancers that I can’t really name off the top of my head.  The Lord Evil, Aidonia, was reportedly spotted as we exited the Club close to 5AM.

This is obviously the place to be on a chilly winter Tuesday night!

I-Octane’s “Different Page” Free Concert

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So L2PJA got word of this yearly, free, star studded event from a friend of the promoter, I-Octane, who confirmed that Daytona, Portmore was indeed the venue.  It was an early event, a new trend in partying, which starts and ends early thus make your money and bypass the peace officers 2AM lock off.

We made our way to the venue, 2 words, “windy sandpit”, applauds for me and my low boots, perfect for the situation.  As we entered music was playing loudly; the crowd was a mixture of the very young and the youthfully old.  Since it was early and many artistes were there to support this pre-Sting event, every few minute an entertainer was introduced to stage.  The first few were up and comers who all performed 1 to 2 songs then exited.


I couldn’t recognize anyone until they called Ghost who performed a few of his remakes and Wasp who did his hit songs. Then Konshens was the third artiste, known to me, to hit the stage and I only knew him through name, as he stood next to me for quite some time and I was clueless.  This artiste has been receiving heavy radio play all year and he delivered each hit song with great vocals.  He looked effortless on stage and shun brightly in the cool winter night.  He called on a guest and then wrapped things up.  Then Brian Hart took the stage next and did his hit song.  He had a much laid back performance which matched his personality backstage.  Then it was Tnez next, you could hear the stagehand advising 2 songs only which Tnez agreed to with a nod but did quite the opposite.  This was another artiste I couldn’t recognize by face or name but his songs were all familiar to my ears.  He did a set which could have encompassed a short intro from each song on a hit album before the stage guy realized and had him wrap it up.

Then the vibes switched as Fanton Mojah took us to a more conscience level.  He came on and buss the swagga dance and then blessed us up with his life music.  Then the energy soared as Richie Spice joined Mojah on stage.  He belted out his well received Marijuana ode’s and lifted our consciousness too.

Then the latest Jamaican Massive Success for the year, Khago, took over the stage to loud cheers and applauds.  Always dressed in bright colors, he did his hits “Nah Sellout pt. 1 & 2”.  His performance was short yet concise and well delivered.

Next up was Bounti Killa himself; dressed in his usual black war suit he took the stage to much fanfare.  He performed much like a veteran would with cool confidence belting off hits that spanned the last decade.  He had a reasonable long performance considering the time constraint.  His performance was also at a respectable time considering he is a showstopper.

G-whizz was next, a young artiste with great positive uplifting songs that speaks to our morality.  He did a few hot ones and left us wanting more.   Then bad gal, Cecile, decked in an all black tight outfit took over.  She gave us a fun packed short performance and informed us of her great love for “Coffee”.   She called on Shaggy who was waiting backstage next to Aidonia who had been waiting with JOP for a while in Great Spirit.  Lord Evil nodded his agreement for Shaggy to rip before him; hence, Shaggy took the stage.

Shaggy’s performance seemed unplanned as if he was just blessing up the place.  He did a few short verses from a few of his multi-platinum hits then left the stage in a blink.

Then it was JOP to the stage, Aidonia, Deablo, Navino, and Ninja Kid.  They entered to pandemonium as the place went wild in expectance of a knockout performance.  Aidonia did not disappoint he started things off real gangsta delivering his thug hits, one after the next, then as he whined things down he requested two for the ladies and delivered “Cyan Done” while Navino & Deablo jumped in with “Inna Gal House” before  the “Jack Hammer” was delivered.  The stage was all fun, laughing and smiles as the crowd was in ecstasy.  He exalted I-Octane and closed with the line “Bad Man no Batty Boy so no bwoy…”

Then it was time for the Digicel Ambassador and Show Promoter, I-Octane, to grace us with his presence.  He had been backstage for awhile, with the cameras, doing various interviews for the media houses.  He got into his set, but before long the stage was jammed pack with artistes whom had yet to perform.  Since they knew the show would end with I-Octane’s performance, everyone wanted a chance to showcase their talent to the crowd.  Things started to get rowdy as I watched from backstage and finally as Chuck Fenda tried to get on and was blocked, he flashed off the stagehand so viciously I figured it best to leave the backstage area and make my exit from the venue.

I heard the ruffling onstage as Chuck Fenda performed to nuff forward, then Taurus Riley blessed us, Kiprich jumped into the melee and almost got pulled off stage by the ladies.  Calls were made for I-Wayne to close the show but the peace officers said that was it.  They were a few others that performed who I can’t readily name.

This was the reason for the creation of this website to connect faces and names to the beautiful music which leaves our blessed island, Jamaica.




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It took four Guinness bottle snappers to allow patrons to reach for greatness at the National Arena on the 23rd of October, 2010.  This was undoubtedly one of the greatest Reggae/Dancehall show for the new decade. The venue, our National Stadium, was exceptionally huge with the capacity to accommodate twenty thousand spectators.  The promoters’ ensured maximum security was in place should such a large crowd become restless.

The L2PJA team arrived at the event roughly 9:45pm; just in time to see Freddie McGregor introduce his son, Chino McGregor, to the Stage while he exited. Chino was already singing his hit song “Nuh put no woman pon Yuh head” before he ran on stage and thrilled the crowd with the rest of his lyrics.  He performed his hit songs “Rough it up” “From morning” and a few other which included “Protect” featuring his brother, Steven McGregor, who joined him performing the chorus.

Steven, the genius producer of hit beats showed off his ability to perform as he did a few verses of his brother’s song, hence showing the crowd that he had performance skills too. He then gave us a few of his hit singles such as “Careful where you walk” “Caan friend again” in which he pronounced his ongoing disdain for Vybz Kartel and “Can’t take we life”. During their performance the bros paused for a moment and posed swaggerifictly for the cameras.  They both gave us an acceptable performance before they made their way off the stage.

Shortly after, we were informed that the next artist to the high stage was the international superstar, Wyclef Jean.  Anticipating his appearance on center stage, we were fooled because he was started performing behind us on a high altitude steel stage.  He raised the intensity of the crowd when he emphasized that if he had one wish it would be to free Buju Banton. After free styling for almost twenty minutes from French to Spanish; he gave the crowd a welcome introduction to who he is. Wyclef who was also a MC for the event did his part of keeping us entertained as he raised the roof over and over unleashing dub plates from even the late great Michael Jackson and hit singles from Jamaican artist such as Khago; he then introduced the next International Act, Busta Rhymes.

As the curtains moved we saw his right hand partner, Splif Star, first walking onto the stage as he instructed the dj to “spin the record”. The dj immediately started playing the instrumental for the hit single “Win” the Dj Khalid remix. The crowd started to roar vigorously as they saw Busta stepping out on stage. Everyone threw their hands up to his words even though we had no clue of what the hell he was saying regardless he had the packed stadium going crazy. Mr. Rhymes and Spiff Star gave us a highly energetic performance filled with creativity and humor as they performed hits such as “Put your hands where my eyes could see” “Fire it up” “We make it clap” and tons more. As they wrapped things up and made their exit, Busta Rhymes, a Jamaican by birth, made the solemn promise that Jamaica would definitely see him perform again.

Now the infamous Base Odyssey Sound System started juggling some songs for the people; occupying the time for the stage set up and band change for the next performer. Base Odyssey, a seasoned veteran known for their numerous appearances in sound clash, knew just how to get the crowd moving. They selected a variety of oldies but goodies from artiste such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown etc. They then masterfully changed the pace to current hits from Vibes Kartel, I-octane and Mavado. As soon as they wrapped up their session it was back to the live performance and it was none other than, Mr. Bombastic himself, Shaggy.

The diamond selling recording artiste had ladies screaming and rushing the stage as he thrilled them with his hits.  His performance was definitely geared towards the ladies, he also had featuring artiste Ragon “You’re my Angel” and Rick Rock “It Wasn’t Me”. He also performed with Alaine who graced the stage in an ultra short mini that had the attention of all men as she sauntered across the stage.  Her song said it all “For your eyes only”.

So after Shaggy sorted out the ladies and Alain sorted out di man dem; they exited as our MC, Wyclef Jean, was ready to introduce the next artiste. He did another freestyle which took ten minutes then he gave The Gangsta for Life -Mavado- a warm introduction.

The Gully God had the crowd roaring with hands in the air awaiting his presence as his gangster intro beckoned him to the stage but as he came on he switched the pace and gave the ladies the sweet symphony of David Brooks as he performed the song “Me every gal a mad over”. Then “Gal over gun” was the next gal tune before he got into some of his gangster lyrics. He also elaborated on Buju’s situation as he sang “Touch the road”, he sent out his respect to the Ground God (Bounty Killer), Busta Rhymes and Vybz Kartel. During his session, he seized the opportunity to introduce a few guest artistes to the stage namely, Chase Cross and Flexx. They both came on one after the other and did their performance well. Mavado then did a performance with Wyclef sending condolence to Haiti; he wrapped up his set singing some positive melody for the crowd before he left.

Now for the most anticipated part of the event, The Doctor-Beenie Man and The War Lord-Bounti Killa was about to hit the stage together. They both elevated, simultaneously, from under the stage. Bounty Killer dressed in his signature all black attire and The Doctor rocked an all white trench coat tuxedo suit with a trendy red hat over is lengthy locks. The War Lord started off the session with one of his hardcore’s hit from back in the days “Bwoy ago dead nuh badda gi mi nuh argument” then the Doctor immediately counteracted it with “Mi kill anybody”. Giving us a reincarnation of the Sting 1993 battle in a friendly manner, they both rip the stage together tune for tune pound for pound. From a series of hardcore lyrics to girl’s lyrics they gave us a positive historical performance yet again. After thirty minutes of performance The Killa then exited the stage saying “Beenie mi gone yah man” assuming that the crowd had enough, however the Doctor wasn’t pleased as he felt it was him who should have left the stage first so he could return to close the show (guess these two will always compete for the last word). The saga continued has The Doctor carried on with his way of keeping the crowd alive; being creative he even did a little tap dancing. He later shared the stage with guest artistes, Mr. G and Khago who both came out to do their big hit songs for the year “Swaggerific” and “Nah sell out mi friend dem”, respectively. As the Doctor was handed back the mike, he performed his summer hit duo “Rum & Red Bull”, we then saw his collaborator, Future Fambo, looking Swaggerific walking on the stage with his pimp cup filled with liquor. He had the crowd railing as they wondered what was in his cup. While performing his verse of the song, he then spilled his liquor, threw away his pimp cup, took his medallion of his chest and threw that away too! He even threw away his shaded glasses. Flippa Mafia had nothing on him, even though we could tell that he was intoxicated. He then thrilled the crowd with his swagger dance moves when the Doctor animatedly pulled him by his shirt collar off the stage ensuring he didn’t hurt himself leaving. The Drunken Master looked quite pleased with himself certain that he gave us a spectacular performance as he left the stage. The Doctor then wrapped up his performance as he made way for the War Lord to come on stage once more.

As Bounty Killa made his way to the stage, he performed a series of hits; he said he had no time for joking as he too had a few guest artistes that he called on stage. First he called out one of his “son’s” in music, Angel Doulas, and performed the latest single they had done together “Not scared enough”. Unfortunately, that’s when the battery in my camera went low.

However, later on in the show The Energy God, Elephant Man, came on stage and shared with the crowd some of his energy. He and Killa performed their summer hit “This is how we do it” (Party cup). We then got a surprise visit from the famous artiste, Baby Cham, as he came on stage to do a few old songs with longtime friend-enemy, Bounti Killa. They performed their new single together “Stronger”. These two artist had been feuding since 2001; but, they have been saying friendship since early 2010, claiming that they both got over their youthful exuberant. The Killer wrapped up his performance, as Baby Cham closed the show with one of his hit single.

That was it for the night, thanks for reading this article, as that was my experience. Live2partyja.com was able to capture a few footage of what went down so feel free to browse through our Entertainment section for video clips. One love until the next event, your boy Williemaze.


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This particular Friday evening, I was listening to ZJ Bambino juggling on ZIP 103.9fm when interestingly enough; he switched over to ZJ Sparks who was LIVE at a Digicel concert downtown. The line up piqued my interest so I paid keen attention as Sparks named I-Octane, Queen Ifrica, PopCaan , Shawn Storm and a few other artistes to take the stage. I contemplated whether or not to go but as I thought of the footage to be had, I hit the shower immediately, got dressed, jumped on a cab to Spain, hopped on a bus for Kingston then walked to the venue. When I reached my destination the venue was overcrowded. I made my way through in search of a suitable location for some footage. Presently Ity & Fancy cat (the host for the show) was entertaining the crowd.

They announced who was next to hit the stage by saying “weh di Gaza people dem deh” right then, PopCaan voice could be heard as he stepped on to the stage.  The crowd went wild as he started his set with, “big up Jah Vinci mi breddah, Addi Mi Fada” who were both noticeably absent from the lineup.  He shelled it down with his hit “Fi di new year”. His appearance represented the Portmore Empire as he rocked a purple fitted Yankee hat, cut off foot jeans, and a white leather desert, Clarks.

He promptly called up, Shawn Storm, who had fans railing as he hit the stage performing his latest single, the NotNice production “It’s a vibes party”. Shawn Storm rocked, but of course, Straight Jeans and Fitted.  These two acts from the Gaza Fraternity have been basking in their successful solo projects over the summer which has had the local radio station support. They both rocked the crowd, with their well-known hits while NotNice spun the turn table with the instrumentals.

After PopCaan and Shawn Storm gave us an acceptable performance, Next Up was Ding Dong and the Ravaz Clavaz family. They took over the stage and delivered the latest dance moves while performing the hits “Gallist” “Party cup” and “Badman forward” we watched and eagerly participated in the dance class.

Then the sponsors, Digicel gave out some treats, we stayed entertainment by Ity & Fancy Cat, for it was Queen Ifrica who was next to hit the stage. With the band playing her instrumentals, we felt her positive vibration as she came on to the stage, the Queen was looking very sexy as she performed “Yu know mi nah go box yuh down babe”, but that’s not what her motive was about.   She educated the crowd, mainly made of High school children, with some positive influence.  She called on us informing Jamaicans to open their eyes, notice what is going on in our surrounding. She performed the hits, “Cant draw mi round nuh corner” “A nuh everybody a rub” “We need some more of our heroes”. She beckoned on us to think wisely before we make decisions and not fight any war over [a man cause he’s dubbed] a politicians.  Hers was a tremendous performance!

After The Queen’s performance, it was I-Octane to close the show, in other words di man shut down the whole place.  He was called on stage by the hosts but even before he came on, there were torch flames blazing high as the crowd displayed their loyalty. Everyone was a fan as everyone jumped with hands in the air as they welcomed him to the stage performing “All type a things them weh do”.  He brought a different level, the highest octane of energy, to the crowd.  This artiste have been riding high on continued radio play all year and as recourse produced songs such as-“My life” “ Think a little time” “Study your friends” “Mine who them a diss” and a few more which he effortlessly performed. His performance was surely spectacular and he delivered thrilling harmony before he left the stage.

We want to say “Nuff Respect” to Digicel for this free unification concert and their efforts in reconstructing the Coronation Market, Down Town, Kingston. A warm shout out to all the Artistes who entertained and all the spectators who enjoyed the spectacle.  The LIVE2PARTYJA team was able to capture various footages so enjoy these and more as you browse through the website.