Wet Wet- Windsor Road Edition

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Klik JA awoke at 4:30am to the sounds of dancehall blasting from my bedroom window. A short trek outside and the hypeness coming from the selector had me reaching for the phone to find Willie Maze. Two missed calls from him earlier, guarantees that he was living to party. But when, No Answer – Must be my luck, damn he is sleeping. I light up! (No Cigarettes).

Five minutes later, he rings me back stating he is in fact at the dance, I say I am dressed and twenty minutes later, Maze, Lady Dania and Klik Ja arrives at WET WET the Windsor Road edition.

The party was jumping as we made our way unto the deserted streets that led to the excitement. It was 5:27am last I saw the clock so I knew we didn’t have much time; but, the music selection gave surety that there was much more to come.

We were not to be disappointed; the videos under Entertainment and pictures under Social/Register will tell you why.

Can you spot KLIK JA?

Wet Wet is a weekly neighborhood party, it is held as a round robin thus allowing various promoters to reap the profits. The promoters for this particular week had Mad Ras from the big sound Rebel T juggling! Nuff Said!

L2PJa Launch Backyard BBQ

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The official launch of the Live 2 Party JA Media Outlet took off on September 11, 2010. The sound man started stringing up half hour late at 6:30pm. After grilling through scattered showers all day, nothing was stopping the hype brewing for kick off at 7pm. Every member of L2PJa was on deck, ensuring that things were smooth sailing all night. Food was already leaving the grill by the time the selector played the first note. At 8pm, a small crowd was eating and drinking perched atop the low wall columns enjoying the early juggling. For L2PJa, it was time to get it together or fall apart; for the behind the scenes fireworks were ablaze, but Klik was taking no BS.


As advertised, the complimentary dinner buffet ran from 7pm to 10pm. Attendees choose from Curry Goat, Brown Stew Chicken, Jerk/BBQ Chicken, Manish Water Soup, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, White Rice and Rice & Peas. A complimentary Fruit Beverage washed that down and a stocked bar, with price ranging from $50JM to $300JM a cup, was available with these selections: Patron Silver, Hennessey VS, Appleton Special, Smirnoff Apple Vodka, Rum Bar, Magnum Tonic Wine, Red Label Wine, Guinness, Red Stripe and various canned beverages.


Once the dinner aspect closed off at 10:30, it was time for everyone to freshen up and join the patrons out front jamming to the music. By 11pm the crowd had grown bigger, so I paid my love to the attendees by giving a deserving guy from each group a sexy whine. This started to build the vibes, as the liquor start buss up inna ppl head and dem start tek to the ground. Daggering and Staggering is a Spanish Town ting and since a Spain we did deh it was everywhere. Chiney, Bright Eyes and dem crew gave men a HARD time as they took it to the dance floor after hours of prompting from the selector.

Ever so often, Klik, who was holding down the bar, would tackle an unsuspecting man to back it up pon him. Jus look how she a gwaan pon di selector below


At roughly 12:30am, wi fire up back di stove and allowed late patrons a chance to grub down on the food that was left. Some ate, others wrapped there’s to go but of course this didn’t mean the party did done. In fact, a young artiste from the area, Ruttu, asked to take the microphone. He ripped it, as the crowd beat down everything dem coulda touch. As he continued, other up and comers to the biz timidly took the stage. The lights were requested off, (sorry no vidz from this point), and a so di stage get rush, as the microphone moved from hand to hand for about another hour.


Ruttu, Sam Sharpe, Bright Eyes, Ras Fras – Jahisreal, Lion Eye and Deablo from Jop, who came and closed the show, were the standouts that had the crowd railing up with forwards, cheering and singing along. After another 40 minutes of music, the selector slowly wrapped thing up at 2:30am. No police no cum touch wi ting. Klik was ready to call it a night cause ppl start drop a ground like fly when di Henny and Patron start buss up inna dem head. As guest exited my home, some asked the question on everyone’s mind.

Is dis a weekly ting, wen is di NEX one? BYOB HOUSE PARTY ON MY RETURN TO JA IN XMAS!

Big Up to Everyone who came through.
Deablo JOP, thanks mi parre bad ppl seh so MOVE.

Shout out to all the L2PJa in attendance:

  • Willie Maze
  • Lea
  • Shane
  • Quint
  • Munga
  • Rich
  • Andrew Bull
  • Samantha B
  • Klik JA.

Roll Out Mondayz

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Daggering never stops when you party at Roll Out Mondayz each week at Fruzzy Sports Bar Complex. This hot spot is located on Old Harbour Road, Spanish Town and it’s also known as THE ROOF. Live2partyja heard a hot head selector vibing up a dance within our vicinity; so we decided to follow the music.

We arrived roughly 1:00am, as things started to gear up. Party animals were sipping on their favorite elixir, vitalizing and energizing, to buck wild on the dance floor. Ladies were looking beautiful and sexy in exotic outfits. The selector moderately juggled some dancehall songs as party patrons warmed their dancing shoe.



At about 2:15am, the dance floor lit up has ladies performed acrobatic techniques when the selectors instilled some hardcore dancehall music into dem soul. Men were eager to dance with these sexy ladies (which is right) and that’s when the daggering and staggering started. Couples danced to orgasmic pleasure, ladies went wild as men participated. If you are not about daggering and staggering then this party is not for you!!! But, if you live to party and you want to have fun on a Monday night in Spanish Town, you can definitely roll up to Roll Out Mondayz.


PS. A few music celebs were seen partying at this location, including but not limited to, Mystro from Swatch International Sound System, Balla Prince (Top Class Selector), Father POW Squad and Unique Dancers. Big Up Fabian and the rest of the promoters di ting sell off!

Live2partyJa was fortunate to capture these memorable images so enjoy the videos under the Entertaiment Section and pictures from the Social/Register page.














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Heineken Igloo

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For locals residing in Portmore, any Sunday, the promoters of Heineken’s Igloo welcomes partygoers to the hip spot called Sugar Man Beach, “a pure madness”. Klik, Maze and 2 sexy companions, arrived to a clustered entrance area; actually 3 of us came through the car entrance so we avoided that drama. Maze was not that lucky so after waiting 20 minutes for him to surface from the crowd, we made our way in. A secondary spot check and we were finally inside.




You are greeted by a two story balcony; this is also the VIP deck, immediately below, a field like sandpit overflows with dancing bodies. At first look, you want to call for a refund of your $1000JM admission, as there is no way to take on a beach crowd of this size. Then it occurs to you that a drink would help, but the bar is still not visible among the masses. Why? Igloos are everywhere, as BYOB is the order of the day. You could just ask anyone for a drink? But NAH, Klik’s finding a Bar. Maze looks around skeptically; so Klik says later to the clique and goes to the left side, solo. There is no going directly in front, so the sides are the best route for the unknown bar location. After a lot of maneuvering, a few nasty steers, slight touching of body parts, the Bar to the left side is revealed. Unfortunately, only soft liquor is available, di right side av a bar wid di hard stuff. “Lawd, this was crazy!”


Continuing along a circular path with my, newly bought, Magnum for the journey to the right bar and the beach waves were revealed. You could take a swim, as there was nothing between yourself and the beach but sand and other onlookers. Five minutes later and the right bar was finally in sight; but my Magnum was doing well so I decided to chill with just it. It was only 7:30PM, when I walked into some high school colleagues, the party was in full swing so I limed and took in the vibes awhile.


The Dj was spinning Hip Hop and manmade rain was falling from the sky. By the time Khalid’s “Win” came on, every hand with cup and all went up; as water, liquor and ice fell from the heavens above. Then, a mini water war started but was quickly quenched by the pleading DJ. [Meanwhile, Willie Maze was filming the LIME girls on deck; check out his footage below]. Ten minutes later and I was back on the move with another high school friend. They tapped up my cup with Appleton Rum and D&G Ginger Beer; so I once again tackled the unforgiving crowd to see what was happening to the Left. At that point the Dj played, Aidonia feat Suhverto, “Bad Anyweh” and everything started vibrating. That song, hands beating the sound box and “blop” “blop” “blop” were the only sounds to be heard echoing across the beach.

This was the first time I maneuvered through a party crowd the entire summer; it was very daunting, fun and sensual all at once. Daunting because it was so large and menacing (after an hour of being there it grew in size), fun since there were so many good-looking groups feigning to mingle with the right encouragement yet sensual as every single man wanted to offer his arms as a possible final destination to a woman moving. Coppershot Dj’s were spinning the tracks, so after a few stops, in a few arms, I was heading back to the balcony for a breather. The vibes was a bit more relaxed; Beenie Man and Bounti Killa were both in this area but I will let you enjoy the vibes from here, as seen by Maze on the footage below. “MEN, I TELL U”


Prerequisites for Heineken’s Igloo held one Sunday every month at Sugar Man Beach, Portmore, Jamaica:

· An igloo with Alcohol

· A stunning crew

· Sexy confidence

· Scanty Clothes

· And the willingness to sweat


Enjoyable, But 2 Congested 4 Fun!