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Stages the extremely hyped event for ATI was fun, not dynamite but still exciting. This was the 10th staging of Stages, an all day event.

I arrived at just about 6pm, admission was $4500 General and $5500 VIP – food and drink inclusive. As I entered the front gate it was just empty space for miles; however, patrons were scattered towards the side and back area which so happened to be the bar and food area.


First stop of course the bar, with my Appleton rum and Red Bull in hand, I started to scope out di area.


The Location

The event took place in Negril’s Park. A large lush field sprinkled with few trees and sales booth with a great view of the ocean behind. The area was massive and could easily hold thousands of patrons. If you purchased VIP then there was a small closed off air conditioned room created for you with a separate dj. The entire right side was also the extended, gated off, VIP area which had its own bar. Then there was center stage for the disc jocks juggling, which was also accessible with the VIP red band.

The Atmosphere

As this was the final night for ATI it was obvious that many of the patrons were running out of fuel, so for the earlier part of Stages everyone was just chilling and swaying to the music. As the sunset and darkness took over the hardcore dancing began. Lots of couples, many more singles and crews were in attendance. Two piece swimsuits was the attire for many females and men kept it casual in jeans and tees for the most part. Another extremely sexy patronage as buff bods, sexy shapes and tanned skinned filled the field of Stages.

The Entertainment

The sounds of the Renegade Disc Jocks could be heard for miles; they kept a tight set and then handed the baton over to the Miami Heat, official sound system for the US basketball team of the same name. They brought an international flavor which went over relatively well with the crowd. I was not so thrilled with the music at this time, so I made my way to the air conditioned VIP dance floor. Inside was dark and cool, also a bit scanty but the music was blazing.

The video footage below should give you an idea of what mi a seh. When I returned outside Dj Elite was tearing it up and the crowd on the stage was acting wild.


A young lady in a red bathing suit onstage, kept us entertained as she behaved wicked pon a man and di railing. Then it was time for a bikini fashion show which was really sexy but not entirely fitting the vibes, other than the beach was close by. When it ended the dancing started up again. I can only remember that Matterhorn dutty up his set and you couldn’t ask fi nuttin more when di party dun around midnight.

This was the extent of my ATI and Dream involvement next year I will cover the whole weekend.


Great Fun!

Fully Loaded 2010 @ Old Coal Wharf

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Fully Loaded was indeed the urban after party for Sumfest, only a bit hotter. The event which was held at the Old Coal Wharf, Port Royal was what we would say in Jamaican term “the ting sell off”, that’s right the event was off the hizzle. When we (Klik Ja & myself, Willie Maze) arrived the event was obviously teeming with life as we could feel the intensity of the crowd roaring for their favorite sound systems.

We were just in time to see Kevin Crown (In a Rock star Jeweled Outfit, Mohawk haircut) and the King Crown family (the big sound from New York) at their performance. They raised the roof a little by playing a few international songs for the ladies. They then unleashed dubs, smashing the names of sound systems and made the announcement that Mighty Crown ran, so they had no one to clash with. Shortly after, they finished their set and made their way off the stage

ZJ Bambino from the famous radio station Zip 93 fm took over the microphone. Bambino impersonation of the Japanese disc jocks and other madness he spoke of had the crowd railing in laughter.

He feverishly reminded us that Jamaica gained independence from and I quote “Di Motherland” this time in history; however, he saved himself from this sad history lession by playing “I will be stronger”, Dennis Brown’s “Love & Hate”, Bob Marley’s “One Love” and other oldies but goodies.  He shelled down the place with songs by Sizzla Kolongy, I-octane and the list goes on. He played every hit song of the summer including, Kartel’s “Clarks”. He had the crowd dancing for the most part of his segment then he unleashed dub plates botching the heads of other sound systems.  When he was through, Ms Kitty made her way to the stage, it seemed as if she was the hypest hosts cause she definitely crawbed up the place with her lyrical onslaught. She called out di careless loose gal dem and some ugly dutty man but it was not all disses as she stated, “big up the big cocky, long pocket men” before she introduced International Guest Artist, Ricky Blaze, to the stage. His Disc Jock, Show Off, mixed multiple tunes that are currently ripping up the place so Drake’s “Over”, DJ Khalid’s “Win” and Bounti Killa’s “Nuh Friend Fish” had the crowd waving their hands to the sky.


Upcoming Artiste, Chi Ching Ching, was called on stage, he unleashed his unique slangs and then re-introduced the Star, Ricky Blaze, who came up and ripped it with the hit song- My queen. He then performed the next joint with a surprise appearance from the artiste, Ding Dong, who came on stage and killed it.  Then they stunned us with a dance segment featuring the Ravaz Clavaz dancers. They taught Ricky Blaze a few dance moves, which captivated our attention. Ricky Blaze then performed one last song, played a dub for his special sound system then exits the stage. The host of the show Ms Kitty and ZJ Bambino then elaborated on who can cook a good meal; she then introduced the next sound system, Vertex, who was prepared to drop some ammunition. As soon as, Vertex sound made their way to the stage they started botching and flicking the heads of the other sound selectors. He rinsed or should I say unleashed dubs from I-octane, Konchens and a few others. He also menacingly stated that the selector “Tony Matterhorn a watch Toni- Ann pussy, Panta a wuk obeah and dem a bow cat plus Rolex fi go play calypso over at igloo”.  In addition to that, he smashed the whole place with his Movado dub – “everything a gudung in a hole.”

At  4:15am and after Vertex was through with their song selection, it was time for Panta sound system to show their skills. As soon as Panta came on stage they showed the crowd how creative they were. I cannot even recall if they had to play a dub plate. Song selections such as Steven & Mavado “cant tek wi life”, Steven “nah friend again” and Vybz Kartel & Steven- “be careful”, had them holding their grounds in the sound clash fraternity.


Now it was time for the final sound to shut down the place and it was none other than the big bad Jazzy T from Renaissance to center stage. Their performance was outstanding as they had the torches flaming, Sharon Burke certainly saved the best for last.  Playing hit songs from old to new had the crowd waving their lighters to the sky and when he unleashed Sizzla Kolongy back to back the place erupted. Showing his respect to the Five Star General he played a few old Warlord songs.  Hits by Vybz Kartel and Mavado had the crowd singing along in unison. He finished his sets by playing dub plate made for the promoter, Sharon Burke. After Renaissance was out and bad (finished playing), it was time for them to back the few entertainer yet to perform. The first artist on stage was G Whizz. Singing a few harmonies for the crowd he proved himself to be a talented singer.  He performed songs like “On and on”, “Jus Life” and a special song for his mother, his performance was fairly remarkable.

Our next artist on stage was the young star, QQ who made the hit song”Stookie”. He had every female’s attention while he whined and performed the song “Gal u wine it steady”. He was also man enough to ask Ms Kitty for a whine, she made sure she announced his age so the officers in attendance knew that he was legal. The crowd was overly entertained to watch him whine har to the ground and he managed her size nicely. He then performed his last song as he exited the stage.


The next artist on stage was Lord Evil, more popularly known as, Aidonia. The dangerous sound from his intro had the crowd alerted to see a hot head artist stepping up on the stage. Performing the song “gun a buss gun a buss” as he entered the stage, he had the entire crowd shooting the sky. The crowd was pleased to hear some gangsta lyrics as he delivered them one after the other chilling us to the core. He then called up Steven from the Big Ship family. The Genius came up performing his hit song “Nah Friend Again”, with Aidonia; special emphasis was placed on the line “wi nuh seh sorry when wi step up pon people Clarks” at which time, we could hear Aidonia’s laugh and shot dem chuckle as they swayed to the beat. They gave the crowd a stellar performance.  Aidonia then paid respect to the Five Star General Bounti Killa, as he handed over the mic saying “see it ya mi general, see it ya mi daddy”.

We can’t find words to express what took place after, as history was made yet again as Bounti called Beenie to the Stage. It was a pleasure to witness two living legend share a stage after more than a decade of feuding on and off stage.

So enjoy the videos under our Entertainment section! And check out the Highlights below..


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Heineken Beer Vibes held during the infamous dream weekend was all about boobs and booze; not in that particular order but plenty of both. When Klik Ja arrived, late as usual, Bambino was taking care of the music. Tickets were $2500JM and drinks were inclusive. I ordered an Appleton Rum with Red Bull first off, not realizing that Dream would not be endorsing the rival, Appleton. So the bartender offered me Gold and Red Bull instead, I assumed it was Bacardi. With drinks in hand it was time to seek the vibes.



The Location

The party was kept at one of the many lots off the 7 miles beach coast. It was tucked off with only a tiny sign at the gate out front confirming that this was indeed the correct venue. As I made my way in, I thought of the location for Weddy Weddy cause after the first steps inside one would not realize the true size of the party. First thing was to identify all the bar locations. With that taken care of, I noticed there were a few small stages through out the venue and a large center stage which housed the VIP. It was a full house and as I continued walking, the venue seemed to expand from all corners as more space and patrons were revealed at the side and back areas.

The Atmosphere

So my first chill spot in the back was vibing, couples hugged tight and swayed together. While single men perched from spot to spot hunting and coming up s hort. Not to make it sound as if women were scarce, on the contrary, there were females everywhere many of whom were barely clothed. It was all very sexy and sex was selling. {gallery}beervibes/set1{/gallery}



The Entertainment

Bambino from ZipFM had a tight set with whole heap a chune and ting. Then he cleared the way for Cooper Shot and Disc Jock Sanchez made the place rock. He had the crowd going as he created a great conversational rapture with us. Then he focused our attention to the huge screens to view the very exotic Heineken dancers. Since I was making my way to the bar, I stopped right there and got a few minutes of video footage. There were four dancers occupying three poles. The dancer in the middle was the highlight and she held it down. Her waist moved sensual; she maintained a sultry rather that skanky demeanor as men and women gathered to watch her. Even the other dancers watched and pick up some of her energy.

Then the DJ diverted our focus to the caged dancers, this was a boxed cage housing 5-6 skimpily clad girls. They were all trying to outdo each other so it was nice to watch. Beer Vibes is all about the Disc Jocks making the crowd feel sexy and promiscuous. So it was no surprise when the DJ uttered “make some noise if you had sex earlier… had sex every night you been here, if not too bad…but you may still be able to get rollover sex.” Artistes were in the venue enjoying the music, no performance though.

Liquid also from ZipFM closed the show, he had a good spin too; however, many songs got repeated throughout the night which was fine because the vibes was different each time a song played again. At 4:01AM as B.E.P once again told us “I got a feeling…” the sound cut out and we were informed; “dat di party done and not even a next tune can run.”


Good Sexy Fun Night!