Sumfest 2010 – Dancehall Night

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Klik JA arrived to a wet and muddy Sumfest Dancehall night at 2am. Demarco was wrapping up his set with “True Friends” as I made my way in. By the time I got to the stage, Miss Kitty, overly hyped, was introducing Lord Evil, the JOP Boss, Aidonia. He entered on stage wearing a long black Trench, looking real official. The performance was high intensity straight through. Very diverse song selection coupled with his commanding presence and vitality on stage, made this presentation on Sumfest 2010 golden. He performed “Heart is hers” with his lovely guest singer and closed his act with the soul crying “Watch Ova Me Jehovah” accompanied by a church choir.

Then at 2:44am it was I-octane’s chance to wow the crowd, he entered to crazy fireworks which was pleasant to witness, as he is a relative new comer to the Sumfest stage. He got the vibes conscious and mellow and the night lit up, as he performed hits like “Think a little time” and “Lose a Friend”. The crowd was really feeling his set.


By 3:05AM, Miss Kitty called Agent Sasco to the stage, the crowd showed much love upon his arrival and he had a solid set, strong vocals but the performance was not connecting with the audience for the most part. However, songs like “Hand to Mouth” “Not Afraid” and “Almighty Protect” went over well with the audience. One patron uttered, “This is a yute wid whole heap a chune pon radio but di live shows dem not commanding”.

At 3:30AM, Elephant man took the stage and did hits after hits as fireworks filled the sky. The performance had high and low points but it came together by the time he uttered “weh duty Matterhorn deh”. At this point Matterhorn entered with “Goodas Fi Dem” which Ele answered with “Nuh ready fi di Video”. Matterhorn’s “Dutty Brownin” got a lot of forward and he didn’t slow down from that point. The show went on a break, as the band change for Movado’s upcoming performance was taking place.

Movado had a strong set, the crowd was really loving his performance. Hope and Pray went over well, he blessed up the five star general, Bounty Killer, before the tribute began.

Then Bounty gave us a controlled performance with great effort, this was the first time it became blatantly obvious that artistic freedom was getting thwarted under the guise of censorship. He dubbed it, The Honorable, performance and even mentioned keeping it clean for the promoters. By the end of the performance and tribute I was drained. Following last year’s magnanimous Crowning of King Beenie on the same night, I was very disappointed. I believe Bounty was robbed his glory, in that he had little freedom to do his set his own way even though the night was to honor him. At around 5:20AM, the place was half asleep when the tribute finally came to its culmination and genuine emotions ensued from the Killa, it was a humbling experience as he became choked up and accepted his honors with profound pride. He asked the crowd to wait for Vybz Kartel as the night was not yet finished.

Kartel entered to crowd frenzy as everyone gathered around to witness his show stopping performance. He entered to news footage of his recent arrest, fully suited in a jail house orange jumpsuit, topped off with handcuffs and a police escort. He started his set very strong in the wee hours of the morning but as the time dragged on it was becoming all too excessive and bland. The other Gaza representatives had their moments but it is full time they start doing their own set onstage.

This was the end of the show. From the earlier hours I was informed that Spice held it down as the best female performer for the night while newcomer, Cargo, got the most forwards fi di night. So mi hear still.

A very long four hours, the mood was somber, di place did wet and muddy. Nothing like Sumfest 2009!!!

Sumfest – International Night I

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After a lack luster dancehall night, Klik was yearning for a big comeback from the International Night I lineup.  I even made it before the AM’s this time at 11:30PM to be exact.  I know the show starts at 8PM still, but who have the tolerance to sit through all dem hours.  Anyhow I vaguely remember someone closing their set as I made my way in.  Settled in the mudpit which was VIP, I decided to stay put at this spot and fulljoy di experience.  About 15-20 minutes later and we were still waiting for the next performer.

Finally at 11:52PM Gyptian took to the stage to much fanfare.  His was a sultry, captivating, conscious performance accompanied with animal like groans that had me cracking up.  He was joined by a few guest performers as he sang and danced the night away.  By the time he closed with “Hold Yuh” @ 12:45AM you could feel the crowds love for this performer.


Then a band change ensued; fortunately, the promoters were making use of the Digicel Side Stage and after a few dancers did their thing; an artiste name Kida was called up to perform, she later called someone else (sorry missed the name) he did a few lines and then it was time for Etana.

This girl can sang “yea that’s right not sing but…sang”. She carried her set with strong powerful vocals which she belted out with such ease. She had a very theatrical set with dancers playing out the words of her storytelling songs. By the time she wrapped up at 1:42AM, the crowd had experienced a comfortably strong set.

Then a lengthy band change for Chris Brown; however, relative new comer Wasp was introduced to the Side Stage. He held it down well with his 2009 hit “Lock off di Dance” plus di song highlighting his love affairs from high school days to recent time was fun to listen to. “Anyone know di name?”

Then the crowd went wild as Chris Brown danced onto di stage. He did a few old hits then jumped into a dance segment. Then he did a sultry lap dance for a lovely female patron who was seated on a chair onstage, it was sensual and oh boy did she quiver. He did a Jamaican Accent and started doing a reggae song about “brown skin girls”. He went into another dancing segment as the DJ played a bunch of Vybz Kartel tune along with other hip hop songs. Usher was spotted being escorted by officers to the backstage area during the performance which was a good look as he was billed for the next night. We can safely assume “dat a Gaza Chris Breezy seh.” It was a fun performance and Chris seemed to enjoy the crowd as much as they enjoyed him. After this performance it is clear that he is destined for a comeback after all.

Then of course another intermission. But to my surprise up next was Jah Cure, I was surprise cause di sun not even did out yet. Anyways he came on in a tight and when mi seh tight mi mean a “tight outfit.” He didn’t look comfortable, he was a bit off key and his rapture with the crowd did not seem real. I am a big fan, so to say I was disappointed was an understatement, I wanted more vibes from di Cure. He still performed quite well though not anywhere close to his 2009 set. He also released the “Unconditional Love” video as he exited the stage.

Then yep another band change. Then another shocking moment as they called Richie Spice to the Digicel Side stage. He was not the happiest of performers, either the stage was a problem or it was the clamp down on the song selection that had him riled. As they tried to shut di man ting down, him belt out two weed song and di place went mad cause “Di plane land, yes di plane land”.

As Richie Spice wrapped up, it was The Queen Ifrica to center stage. She did a great show but as the sun started to rise, patrons were making their way out the venue in droves. She did her best to keep the crowd on their feet as there was still one last performer to take the stage.Serve and Protect” was her big hit for the night as she represented her birth place well. Then she transitioned off stage as Tony Rebel made his way on.

By this time the crowd had dwindled but Mr. Rebel kept the vibes going to the end. He did a great job and it was obvious that he is a true veteran.

Int Nite 1 was alright, not a strong lineup; but the entertainers there did a good job representing themselves.