Sumfest July 2009

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Dancehall Night kicked off the three night event with a bang. The Reggae and Dancehall acts left the International Artists with much to live up to for Friday night.  The crowning of “The Doctor” as King on Thursday night was the highlight for many and he was oh so royal.  The promoters of Sumfest pulled out all the stops and the venue was exotic and changed every single night.  Don’t get me wrong, one location different scene each night.  VIP was packed and felt like general admission, those of us lucky enough to get into the press area enjoyed the best views as the performers looked radiant on stage.



From the International Acts, Neyo held it down on Friday with Keri Hilson and Jazmine Sullivan while Tony Braxton seranaded the crowd on Saturday.  But the entire event went to none other than The Cure as he closed the show on Friday Night.  He thanked the crowd for their patience as the only bad thing about Sumfest “09”  was the crazy wait for a single band change; I mean it was ridiculous.  This dampened the vibes of the entire night as patrons waited for Jah Cure who delivered and sealed himself as the King of Reggae.

By Saturday night the energy had simmered but the band change issue was taken care of, thankfully. The Micheal Jackson tribute was a beautiful thing and Tito held it down for the Jacksons; he presented a beautiful gold clock to the people of Jamaica and we gave him a few gifts as well.  Jr Gong and Nas, now known as Distant Relatives, did a great job in the wee hours of the morning as patrons made their way out of the venue tired but completely fulfilled.

We give this event an EXCELLENT Rating!!!

Go to The Experience for pictures of all three nights.

FYI: Sumfest 2010 will be held in Montego Bay, Jamaica July 18th to the 24th.

Di Building vs. Quad

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So Maze, Toya, Lea, a friend and I left Spain at roughly 1:15am to attend Street Vybz Anniversary inna Di Building. When we arrived thirty minutes later there was a small crowd at the entrance. This did not rattle Klik at all, as I sized it up and was ready to proceed inside, but Lea and Toya was not so confident. A guy, named Cory, was manning the gate and only allowed a few individuals with armbands inside, while hollering that the place was over capacity.



This was still not fazing Klik, so I squeezed through some patrons and started to make my way in, with Lea and Toya right behind. After 8 minutes of wrestling with the crowd, mostly some inconsiderate bwoy who refused to give us ladies a blye, Klik was triumphant in squeezing inside. Sisters, Lea and Toya, relented after hearing a woman cursing profanities as she exited the club upset at the condition of inside. Since I was beyond the madness, I figured I would take a look inside.

The cool air that greets you as you go up the stairs to the dance floor is so refreshing; that it is hard to believe that the place is packed. However, when the door opens the heat envelops you and the only space inside is wherever your feet lands. The crowd was impenetrable, so Klik started to leave. Just then I spotted a camera man sluggishly making his way through the thick crowd and de cided to trail him. Bodies w ere pressed tightly together as the whole club swayed in unison to the music that was blasting. The club was dark so it was hard to see more than the patrons’ silhouettes; but the posters of Vybz Kartel and Gaza Indu displayed on the walls were visibly. Then a woman backed up her ass on the camera man for a whine and that ended my pathway into the crowd. With nowhere else to go, I squeezed over to the bar as body movement was somehow possible there. Then I got really hot and sweat started to lightly build on my brows. I looked at the couple in front of me and they are drenched. I looked at my outfit and decided IT was too hot for this place; thus exiting five minutes after entering.

Plan B- Quad Night Club

It was 2:30am when I rejoined everyone outside, after a good laugh on how crazy it was getting in and even crazier inside, we went around the block to Quad Night Club. Since it was a regular party night the admission was the standard, ladies $600JM and men $800JM. Quad has three floors to play on, the 1st floor has a bar to lounge at, 2nd floor is the Main dance area while the 3rd floor houses the Voodoo Lounge dance floor with the attached outside balcony for smoking. The party was dubbed, Smirnoff Extreme, a weekly event to be held each Saturday under the new management.


We started the party on the 2nd floor and found the vibes next to the small bar beside the VIP area. The house DJ was playing a decent mix that the crowd was enjoying. It was obvious that most of us inside were Street Vybz patrons that decided against Di Building. The sounds of Dancehall music and its effect on its listener were evident as the flashing disco lights revealed exuberant bodies whining. When the hip hop started, I went to the Voodoo Lounge to see what was up. The crowd was smaller on this floor but the music was bumping. Pamputtae and Spice “Slim vs. Fat gal” was getting pull up for the third time, as a Fluffy was attracting a circle as she drop it low to the floor. The Dj beckoned for a slim girl to join har but when two jumped into the circle and the Dj still pointed out that him need a slim girl to take on them, Klik couldn’t stop laughing. This went on for about 5-10 minutes then the song changed and everyone started dancing. The rest of the crew finally joined me inside the Voodoo Lounge and we went on the balcony for a smoke (no cigarette). When we returned inside, the dance floor was empty so we went back to the second floor and partied the rest of the night there. The crowd was trying their best to hold a solid vibes; but the DJ was making it hard because the song selections were not consistent. He jumped between genres and years way too quickly; never fully transitioning hence not allowing fluid dance movements from the patrons. We exited Quad at 5am, Toya had a blast but Lea and I thought the night was a drag.