JLP wins the election Jamaica’s first family swears in

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12802753_10156585926515722_2331636394022837582_nIt was a close victory; however, the Jamaica Labor Party edged out the People’s National Party out of power. With the promise of lowered tax for many and prosperity for Jamaica the voters turned out in low numbers but in support of new leadership. The PNP did not make much of an effort to lure voters there way by refusing to debate the then opposition, many saw them as pompous and arrogant hence they had to go. Jamaica is at a very stagnant level by depending on the International Monetary Fund the country will not be able to see its full potential.

The goals of the IMF is not the same goals as the Jamaican population so getting out of bed with the IMF is our only way to prosperity. The JLP has a huge task ahead of them and we pray they find the wisdom and strength needed to overcome. Dancehall and reggae played a vital part in The Rt Honerable Andrew Holness campaign as he jammed to Alkaline’s “Champion Bwoy” when he won and sang Nesbeth “My Dream” at his inauguration.

The dancehall fraternity took it’s side with Beenie Man and Foota Hype endorsing the now opposition party, PNP and Khage applauding his party JLP for winning. Social media played a huge role this election as can be seen by the jubilation present within the Facebook group, JLP Supporters. The comrades of the PNP almost caused a national war as numerous false rumors of the PNP retaining power during the EOJ recount surfaced on social media. Tensions were high during this period but this was a historic election as The RT honorable Juliet Holness also became a winner of her seat; hence, joining her husband in governing the country. Both wore blue at the swearing in as ode to being graduates of St. Catherine High School. ¬†The supporters of the Jamaica Labor Party expects greatness from their leader and we wish Mr. Holness the best. One Love from the #L2PJa ¬†family.12027378_10156561439925722_4470728958653432059_o